You get 400+ pages over 8 PDF lessons covering Film 101-401, Film Stocks, Camera Gear, Storytelling Through Details, Posing and Family Formals, Personal Work and Finding Your Voice, plus Cheat Sheet exposure guides. You also get membership to a private Facebook group for Q&A and critiques.

Oh, and you get SO MANY VIDEOS. Join me as I shoot a wedding from beginning to end, then watch a family formal shoot happen in real time so you can see exactly how I shoot on the event day. I also take you behind the scenes of two family shoots; walk you through every item in my camera bag; show you how to load common cameras; cull and edit said family shoots, live; and show you metering levels 1 through 9000.

FIND in a BOX has enough info to blow your freaking mind. 

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Watch a sample video (family shoot) right here!